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Urban Sublime

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                                                         Mountains    by Jeff                                         Canyons by Jeff

I am starting to research ‘Urban sublime’ and found this post titled An Urban Sublime on the Blog There Was Always Doubt. The author / artist refers to himself as Jeff. It ties in with my studio practise due to the use of the New York buildings and reference to mountains.  I have been looking at the layering of New York City and I am about to move into research in the Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh, reflecting on how I acquired my fascination with maps and my inability to navigate using a compass.  Click here  to be taken to Jeff’s blog



Image by Jeff

Journey 5 & 6

I explored my journey home from university by leaving a trail of paper on route and documented my progress on film. Journey 6 is the completed edited video, please watch this before Journey 5.

Journey 6 from Alison Stewart on Vimeo.

It describes the cognitive journey to and from University and is a personal perception of a well-worn track of a now intuitive passage. This investigation came about from reading The Psychogeography of Urban Architecture. For more information please view my previous post called Lose Yourself In Melbourne posted 29/10/13.

journey 5 from Alison Stewart on Vimeo.

Credits: I employed the help of fellow student Sophia Alexander-James who filmed my walk. She was amazing. Sophia, even faced with personal injury and public reaction, conducted the film shoot with true professionalism. I also received help in editing: Lana, IT technician from The University of Chichester and my daughter Islay.

Thank you to Sophia, Lana and Islay.


Vertigo by Alfrid Hitchcock (Wandering Scene)

This particular scene in Vertigo I have been studying, thinking about psychogeography. Wondering was  present in the Hitchcock thriller. This scene the two main characters Scotty and Madeline discuses their wondering and debate if they were to go together whither that would be classed as wondering or ‘going somewhere’. The scene ends with them driving of together to explore.

Hitchcock, A. (1958) Vertigo Hollywood: Paramount Studios

“Where are you going?” (Scotty)

“I don’t know.” (Madeline)

“Shopping?” (Scotty)

“No.” (Madeline)

Well anywhere in particular?” (Scotty)

“No I just thought I would wonder.” (Madeline)

“That is what I was going to do.” (Scotty)

“Oh yes I forgot it’s your occupation, isn’t it.” (Madeline)

“Well don’t you think it’s a waist for two of us…” (Scotty)

“to wonder separately.” (Madeline)

“Oh but one is a wonderer. Two together are always going somewhere.” (Madeline)

“No I don’t think that is necessarily true.” (Scotty)


Lose Yourself In Melbourne

I read the book ‘The Psychogeography of Urban Architecture. The author Prescott-Steed (2013) core research was the above advert called  Lose yourself in Melbourne  where a woman is seen to be pushing a unravelling ball of wool around the city streets of the Australian City. His research is an in-depth analytical account of psycogeography. He advocates that a distinct feature of the woman’s movements in ‘the city is the extent to which she bears the character of the flaneur (the individual who wanders without purpose).’ (p35)

journey 5 from Alison Stewart on Vimeo.

I decided to try producing my own film in line with my ‘Journey Videos

Palimpsest on the Streets of New York

IMG_8248I found examples of palimpsest on walls and street furniture in New York.

Palimpsest is the scrapping away of one lot of writing or images to make room for another set of mark making.

There is a build up of layers of typography, graphite and / or fly posters. In each one there is an exciting new  image created with the layers merging together where the previous images are still visible and this is evident on this wall and the over head pedestrian crossing boxes. The boxes  previous imagery have been painted over or ripped off.