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Installing Text In Textiles Exhibition

IMG_4136 IMG_4142

Well I have done it: A solo exhibition outside university. I have fledged from the realms of education, developing my professional practice. One of the Spring’s trustees, Howard Jacobs who is a retired cartographer, helped with the installation. He made the hanging of the work seem effortless. I am really pleased with the end result and excited to show it off.


Looking forward to my private view on Tuesday. Fingers crossed many people will come.

The Batsford Prize

My Memory, Age 8,jpg

Exciting news: I have just found out that I have been shortlisted for The Batsford Prize, for students of applied and fine art. I entered this piece called My Memory, Age 8. The theme was ‘The Written Word’. The work reads:

‘My Memory, Age 8. Standing up in class, reading out loud. Being unable to read most of the words while they jumped around on the page. The embarrassment of this inability to conform to the written word while others laughed.’ 

On the 25th April there is going to be a secondary short list assessment. If I get through to the next round I have to send my artwork to them for the final judging.

Alice Kettle: The Garden Of England

The Queens House

Alice Kettle asked The University Of Chichester  to help in her floor installation called The Garden of England which is now displayed at The Queens House, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. I went to see Kettle’s exhibition.


The brief was to produce, up to 7cm in diameter, flowers made from anything except wool or silk. They were to respond to the portraits which are hung in the room. This piece is called Flowerbed and in the fireplace Contributions.


I made five flowers. Here you can see two of them positioned in the centre of the rug. It looks amazing with so many layers, patched together. Alice Kettle is an inspiration to my work. I am proud to be able to collaborate with my art hero in this way.


This installation is called Flower Helix and is located in the Tulip Stairs at The Queens House. Kettle put a call out on Facebook for help. I didn’t make any of the flowers for this piece. It looked amazing and can be viewed from all angles, by the audience, as they walk around the spiral stairs. For more details visit:

The Garden of England, Queen’s House : Search events : Visit : RMG

Delivering Artwork To The RA Summer Exhibition


Off to London


The line was surprisingly only half an hour to drop off work and there was a good atmosphere. In that time the Top Gear film crew drove past and filmed James May driving past in a blue shiny vintage car with us in the background.


Met a couple of friends from uni also handing in work.


Now the agonising wait for rejection or acceptance. For more detail on the history of The Summer Exhibition visit:,1439,AR.html 


Entering The RA Summer Exhibition 2013 Competition

Mixed Identity 3: 62cm x 85cm

Mixed Identity 3: 62cm x 85cm















Exciting news: Tomorrow I am heading up to London with Mixed Identity 3 which I have had framed. I am taking it to enter the competition for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2013. I won’t get there to lunch time so I think the que will be massive by then. I am in for a long wait.