Monthly Archives: December 2013

Journey 5 & 6

I explored my journey home from university by leaving a trail of paper on route and documented my progress on film. Journey 6 is the completed edited video, please watch this before Journey 5.

Journey 6 from Alison Stewart on Vimeo.

It describes the cognitive journey to and from University and is a personal perception of a well-worn track of a now intuitive passage. This investigation came about from reading The Psychogeography of Urban Architecture. For more information please view my previous post called Lose Yourself In Melbourne posted 29/10/13.

journey 5 from Alison Stewart on Vimeo.

Credits: I employed the help of fellow student Sophia Alexander-James who filmed my walk. She was amazing. Sophia, even faced with personal injury and public reaction, conducted the film shoot with true professionalism. I also received help in editing: Lana, IT technician from The University of Chichester and my daughter Islay.

Thank you to Sophia, Lana and Islay.