The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Chuck Close

IMG_8109Lucas 1 (1986-87)

Wow what an awe inspiring impact being along side this work. I love how Close’s process is clearly visible, the gridded guide lines, and is in fact part of the finished product. I am responding to the build up of layers and the breakdown of individual components of colour into mere blobs on the canvass. I am thinking about how I can translate this into my process to create a whole map. Maybe I could create an installation. However I must think simplicity is the key to success.


IMG_8111Lucas 1 (1986-87) Detail






Piet Mondrian

IMG_101Composition (1921)

I love this piece of work by Mondrian. I am responding to: line, form, colour contrast, bold, composed, geometric, asymmetric, balance, and not least the grid structure. How can I get all this into my work without over complicating it? Mondrian’s piece works for me because of the simplicity.



Yvonne Jacquette 

IMG_113Little River Farm (1979)

A view from an aeroplane, develops a map like structure where everything is flattened down with no perspective. This reminds me of my earlier work in my BA where I used textile patterns as fields crops and sea.






Chichester Harbour (detail) Stewart,A.

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