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I was lucky enough to go to a private view for The Times newspaper readers at the Saatchi Gallery to view Paper last month. Wow what a lot of inspiration for my studio practice. The main overriding impression I got from the exhibition was large scale installations and wall mounted work stretching around the walls. Inspired to think big. We were given a talk from Cathy, one of Saatchi’s curators. She said: “A lot of ideas to spark off ideas to make it yourself.” That is why I went!!!


Hen Feng

IMG_8628Floating City (2008)

For me Floating City stood out  for it’s 3D map like qualities, simplicity, attention to detail and scale. I was fascinated by this piece and found myself standing for a long time mesmerised by it’s floating presence.



I have plans to attempt my own installation at university. Using the long strips with photographs stitched onto paper which I made for Journey Installations 1 & 2:  chopping into individual pieces, curling, stapling together to make a cylinser shape. I am then going to suspend them from the ceiling in a map like formation. I am going to attempt this after marking at uni in December. Plenty time to plan.


‘Neither sculpture nor drawing, Han Feng’s Floating City is composed of hundreds of tracing paper buildings grouped in dense clusters and hung from the ceiling with transparent fish-wire. Hovering a couple of inches off the gallery floor, Feng’s work asks us to consider the city as something imagined, an idea as much as a place. This might be what a utopia looks like – a notion expressed in language, impossible to realise in reality.’ (Paper, Exhibition Guide, Saatchi Gallery)

I gave Feng’s idea a go in my studio practice but not to such a grand scale. I produced about 20  and suspended them in a tower shape. What I found was the nylon gut easily got tangled. IMG_0138

Peles Empire (Katharina Stoever & Barbara Wolff)IMG_8617

Formation 1 (2013)

I love the ambition of scale 275cm x 440cm), textiles and pattern in feel and structured architectural presence.



Dawn Clement

IMG_8601 IMG_8604

Movie (2007)

What I am looking at is the scale, map like qualities and how pieces of paper have been patched together to give an irregular edge. Could emulate this in using patches of cloth that I could stitch together to increase the scale, using my own theme.


Travel With Myra Hudson (2004)






Untitled (Colour Kitchen) (2005)





Ann Toebbe

The Photo Engraver’s Wife (2011)IMG_8616

This flattened plan of domesticity reminds me of arial views or maps. There is a cartoon humour about them.



IMG_8610The grocer’s Wife (2011)






The Doctors Wife (2011) IMG_8613





Eric Manigaud


Cologne 3 (2011)

Pencil and graphite on paper.

Intricate drawings of an arial view.


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