Vertigo by Alfrid Hitchcock (Wandering Scene)

This particular scene in Vertigo I have been studying, thinking about psychogeography. Wondering was  present in the Hitchcock thriller. This scene the two main characters Scotty and Madeline discuses their wondering and debate if they were to go together whither that would be classed as wondering or ‘going somewhere’. The scene ends with them driving of together to explore.

Hitchcock, A. (1958) Vertigo Hollywood: Paramount Studios

“Where are you going?” (Scotty)

“I don’t know.” (Madeline)

“Shopping?” (Scotty)

“No.” (Madeline)

Well anywhere in particular?” (Scotty)

“No I just thought I would wonder.” (Madeline)

“That is what I was going to do.” (Scotty)

“Oh yes I forgot it’s your occupation, isn’t it.” (Madeline)

“Well don’t you think it’s a waist for two of us…” (Scotty)

“to wonder separately.” (Madeline)

“Oh but one is a wonderer. Two together are always going somewhere.” (Madeline)

“No I don’t think that is necessarily true.” (Scotty)


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