Journey 5 & 6

I explored my journey home from university by leaving a trail of paper on route and documented my progress on film. Journey 6 is the completed edited video, please watch this before Journey 5.

Journey 6 from Alison Stewart on Vimeo.

It describes the cognitive journey to and from University and is a personal perception of a well-worn track of a now intuitive passage. This investigation came about from reading The Psychogeography of Urban Architecture. For more information please view my previous post called Lose Yourself In Melbourne posted 29/10/13.

journey 5 from Alison Stewart on Vimeo.

Credits: I employed the help of fellow student Sophia Alexander-James who filmed my walk. She was amazing. Sophia, even faced with personal injury and public reaction, conducted the film shoot with true professionalism. I also received help in editing: Lana, IT technician from The University of Chichester and my daughter Islay.

Thank you to Sophia, Lana and Islay.


16 thoughts on “Journey 5 & 6

  1. Gwyneth Depport

    As soon as the film started I became totally engaged by the artist. I initially thought that the forward movement and unrolling was quite robotic and seemingly effortless, however by the close of the film I came to feel that whilst this was so, this journey required strenuous effort. This effort was made evident by the shot of the train journey and that whilst at rest temporarily, the artist was in fact struggling to catch her breath and it was this that gave it a poignancy I hadn’t expected.

  2. Melanie johnson

    Love this concept. The paper marking your actual & metaphorical journey from Uni to home and the thread connecting them -your art.

    I watched Journey 5 first -my best bit , you chasing the roll down the shallow hill -could read all sorts into this – your MA studies gaining momentum… running out of control… You running between uni life & home life- but maybe it’s just a roll of paper rolling down a hill !

  3. Kathy

    Looks like a nice walk home – I notice you passed your place of work – advertising! lol I’m not sure I understand the concept of the paper trail – Hansel and Gretel perhaps – at least the birds wouldn’t eat the paper…which I hope was cleaned up after!

    1. Alison Stewart Post author

      Yes, Hansel & Gretel were part of the concept. Amazingly found 7 recycle bins between uni and home. Work was included, not for advertising but because the film is all about ‘me and my journey’.

  4. Emil Thompson

    Hey Alison, these videos are really great. I’ve just made the connection with the Melbourne vid, which I hadn’t seen prior to viewing your vid. I found it highly engaging watching the journey unroll, perhaps because I have a personal connection with the place and in particular the little details of that journey.
    I love the way you’ve taken that idea of marking the journey and turning it into a kind of personal trackway allowing the route to linger a little longer in the visual realm. I also hadn’t previously made the connection between the whole map thing and psychogeography which now seems like a very logical link. Taking maps into the personal realm and making them your own. Great stuff. By the way I discovered a neat Scottish psychogeography group near here, they post up tons of good stuff: and it’s well worth having a look at:

    great blog by the way, all your hard work really shows.

  5. sue eves

    LOVED it, pretty surreal. Paper roll occasionally got thinner then fatter. Was this intentional? Sounded like Sophia was eating crisps when you went upstairs. Did it hurt your back? Haven’t read your background texts so coming at it as a complete and utter no-one. Brave and engaging.

  6. Samuel Lloyd

    Wow. I really found the journey enjoyable, to see how it unfolded with all the subtle twists and turns that we have to deal with on such a simple everyday trek. The music was perfect for the piece and I really liked the scenes of you pushing the roll up the slope. Oh, and how you were invisible to everyone passing you on the street. Nice to see some blatant advertising as well….

  7. Kelly

    Really engaging videos and the perfect length. Really impressed. I can definately get a sense of what you’re trying to say from the videos so, big success.
    Very well done

    1. Elizabeth Ann Stewart

      Congratulations Alison a fascinating paper trail maps your journey to date the viewer follows the steep learning curve you have travelled struggling at times to climb a lonely path. The paper unravels without breaking at Cath Kidston balancing work with study while the brilliance of the clip on the train speaks a thousand words. “Exhausted protecting your work one sees the confusion of dyslexia from the train window”. The sewing machines give thread to the project. Today you are happy and confident on the journey you have chosen. Well Done

  8. karen bateman

    The roll of paper never seemed to get any smaller ,there is a metaphor for life !
    Looked to me very much like it was also about control, but not being artistic I may have got it totally wrong !
    Great choice of music.

  9. julia o

    The video made me laugh at the end. Some how the roll of paper presumed the position of a pet. Especially when sat next to you on the train. It made me chuckle and smile.
    Take care

  10. Mary Wilson

    How original is that …….a modern day paper trail…well thought out, your work is superb, I hope you will be an inspiration to others with an uphill struggle.


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