The Textile Society Undergraduate Bursary 2012

Alison was the winner of The Textile Society Undergraduate Bursary for 2012. 

The society stated:

“The winner, Alison Stewart from the University of Chichester, was selected for a variety of reasons. The context for her work was extremely well articulated, belying the concept of dyslexia and its associated problems. Alison develops textile as a metaphorical vehicle to convey and translate the difficulties with visual communication, offering an alternative visual language. Her work is refreshingly honest and innovative, supported by a depth and breadth of research. It offers the viewer an opportunity to consider the impact of words, but in addition the intelligent play on narrative offers a diversity of perceived outcomes.

The work is well contextualised and offers further possibilities both in Fine Art practice but also to facilitate community based practice and so enabling the discussion of subjects that can be difficult to debate publicly.

Very strong visually, the work was well presented evidencing a care and attention to detail and a considered and innovative handling of process. Where the work is presented as a series of books and maps, it crosses boundaries both in verbal and visual communication offering a means to resolve issues of identity and understanding of self.” (Roberts,D. 2012)